Tailored Courses

We specialise in delivering courses which have been customised to meet your specific needs. Drawing from all of our course material, we work with you to identify the content you are interested in, where to spend extra time and what content to only cover briefly. We often incorporate example from your projects, or work through problems suggested by the attendees themselves.

Whatever your requirements, it is often useful to start with one of our standard courses and add or remove content, shifting emphasis where appropriate, to make it the perfect fit for your developers.

Standard Courses

If you are moving into a new technology you might not have any strong opinions on what should be covered - you just want to know all the important things will be. Unlike training companies that use vendor produced material, we are free to focus on the features that a valuable to developers (and because our instructors are all developers, we really know what that is). We don't waste your time with features that demo well but just aren't flexible enough for real-world projects, we focus on the robust features that really work.

Below are some of our most popular courses. Remember, we can tailor the duration and content to match your needs.

C# Development

Developed specifically for .NET, C# (pronounced C Sharp) is a C-like language with built in keywords for supporting higher level concepts such as Object Orientation and Events. It a natural choice for developers moving from another C-like language (such as Java or JavaScript).

We normally teach C# as part of a Web or Windows course, but we can provide courses focusing specifically on the language. We also specialise in conversion courses for VB.NET developers moving to C#.

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VB.NET Development

VB.NET is the evolution of Microsoft Visual Basic language, and although it feels very familiar to existing VB6 developers, it is a brand new language, with all the old inconsistencies removed and full support for all .NET features. Not only is VB.NET a nature choice for developers moving from VB6 or VBA, it's also a good choice for developers who want their code to be accessible to a wider range of developers.

As with C#, we normally teach VB.NET as part of a Web or Windows course, but we can provide courses focusing specifically on the language.

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ASP.NET Core with MVC 6

ASP.NET Core is a Microsoft's new open-source and cross-platform framework for building web applications. Based on ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core has been re-written from scratch to address the fundamental performance issues in ASP.NET. The result is a light weight, blindingly fast framework that still feels familiar .NET developers.

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Windows Presentation Foundation

WPF is Microsoft's presentation system for developing both beautiful consumer applications and powerful line-of-business applications. Although Windows Forms is still very much a supported technology, Microsoft have made it clear that WPF is the way forward for Windows development.

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ASP.NET is Microsoft's web application framework. It allows programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services using paradigms that have a lot in common with the Windows Forms framework.

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Windows Forms

Since the introduction of the .NET framework in 2001, Windows Forms (or WinForms) has been the technology used to develop windows applications. Although Microsoft are focusing their development efforts on WPF, there are billions of lines of code targeting WinForms applications so this technology will be with us for many years to come.

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Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

UWP is a platform on which apps can be developed to be run on a range of windows 10 devices (including Windows 10 desktops, Windows 10 Mobile and HoloLens).

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