Why Choose Developer Academy for your training?

Our Instructors

Our instructors are more than just instructors, they are also professional developers. By working on real-world projects they learn more than just how a technology works - they learn how it works with other technologies, and where it doesn't work. When you combine this experience with their excellent communication skills you get an instructor who can bring an extra dimension to every course they teach.

Our Courses

We believe that most organisations want their developers to be better at their jobs after a training course, not just able to create trivial applications using a host of shiny new technologies just for the sake of it. That's why our courses are focused on professional developer skills, not just checking off a list of features.

Our Pricing

We believe that the price of a course should be based on the cost of delivering it, and not artificially inflated based on the number of attendees. We also believe that pricing should be clear and not dependent on your ability to haggle - that's why we publish our prices on our web site and you'll never see £Call!

Contact us now and we'll get one of our experienced trainers to call you back and discuss your requirement.